Selling companies


  • founded companies which have not been in business
  • their guarantee capital has already been paid in full
  • they are registered in the trade register, registered for tax and income of corporations
  • you can own these companies and act in their name within 1 hour (you, or persons chosen by you, become the corporate body immediately at the company's general meeting. When registering changes in the trade register you identify yourself by a notarial registration for business associates and also when dealing with authorities.)



  1. Preparation of necessary documents.
  2. Organizing a general meeting in order to make changes in the company being sold:
    • Change of agent/corporae director, change of advisory board.
    • Change of business firm (if the client requests it).
    • Change/extension of the matter of business (if the client requests it).
    • Change of domicile (if the client requests it).
  3. Representing the client when acting with authorities of the state administration (trade register, finance office).
  4. Notification of the trade and collection of the trade certificates or license deeds.
  5. Verified translation of documents.
  6. Filing a proposal for registration of changes in the company in the trade register.
  7. Registration of the company for VAT or other taxes.

Existence: they have been registered in the trade register and at the finance office.

Transparent state: the company has never performed any action (except for acts necessary for founding the company, registering it in the trade register and registering it for taxes and income of corporations).

We guarantee no liabilities or active debts.

Paid up capital: its guarantee capital has been paid in full (200.000 CZK for ltd., 2 million CZK for corp.)


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Commercial Register

Are you thinking about the name for your company? Check, whether it has already been registered in the Commercial Register.

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