Current list of corp. companies

You can choose a ready-made joint stock company in the below list of companies ready for sale or through a non-binding order form. Based on information you supply, we will send you an accurate calculation by email or we will contact you by phone.

The price for the transfer of a ready-made joint stock company depends on the year of its foundation. We offer this year’s ready-made joint stock companies for CZK 75,000.


Price for the Transfer of a Ready-Made Joint Stock Company includes:

  • Preparation of necessary documentation
  • Transfer of securities to new shareholders
  • Organisation of a general meeting in order to execute the changes in the purchased company
  • Appointing new company members of the Board of Directors and of the Supervisory Board
  • Notarize necessary documents and signatures on all documents
  • Change of registered office within Prague or to Brno (depends on the company),
  • Registration of the company for corporate income tax
  • Notarized signature on an affidavit that the company has no debts
  • Delivery of all documents related to founding of the company and full payment of share capital
  • Filing a proposal to register the changes in the company in the Commercial Register and settlement of the court fee


We have founded the following ready-made joint-stock companies:


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Commercial Register

Are you thinking about the name for your company? Check, whether it has already been registered in the Commercial Register.

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