Other services

For providing complex services concerning ready-made companies we offer the following services which can simplify your tasks for the planned project.

Prices for individual services can be found in our pricelist.

Statutory body

We are prepared to provide trustworthy and specially trained professionals who can represent you in your companies. These specialists

The nominee service is most often used in the following situations:

  • securing anonymity of ownership and privacy (buying real estate, taking part in tenders, selection procedures, auctions, etc.)
  • deficiency of persons when occupying the companies' statutory bodies or advisory boards
  • treatment of juristic risks deriving from forming contractual relations with close persons (e.g. in holding structures when transferring assets between personally and property joint companies)
  • foreigners who do not want to or cannot commute or operate in the Czech Republic

The nominee services can be used short-term or long-term. At the same time it is possible to occupy the statutory body or advisory board completely or partially.

Provision of a nominee service can be ordered for a minimum of six months. Payment for this service must be made in advance, upon signing the contract to render the nominee service. The service can always be extended for a period of six months.

General Meeting Organisation

Our professionals are in continuous contact with the clerks at the Commercial Register, the Trade License and Financial office, workers in notary offices, etc. Organisation of a general meeting, change in the company or Articles of Association, preparation of a notarial deed or communication with the relevant court and office is a complicated process. That is why we offer you problem-free, inexpensive and quick solution to this problem (status service). There is no need for you to struggle through the legal regulations or hire a lawyer or permanent advisor.

Forwarding of mail, telephone calls, faxes

Forwarding mail, telephone and fax services

  • receiving mail at Erbenova 8, Brno 602 00
  • forwarding mail when we receive letters addressed to your company our staff will immediately process the mail according to your instructions. Mail can be kept for your personal take-over or sent to your address. We can inform you about mail via the telephone, text message or e-mail.
  • telephone communication using specially provided telephone lines used only by and for your company. We can transfer calls to your designated telephones or our telephone operator can handle all telephone calls in the name of your company. All telephone calls will be processed according to your instructions. We can inform you about incoming telephone calls via telephone, text message or e-mail.
  • fax services incoming fax messages are processed and forwarded to the client´s fax number and/or in electronic form forwarded to the client´s e-mail.


Representation at authorities

In case of need we are capable of representing your company at all authorities according to your instructions.

Especially handling trade certificates, license deeds, registration for tax duties, submission of tax return, etc. We also help in the area of representing tax search, preparing and completing file documentation. Authority personnel often misuse the client´s unfamiliarity and act adversely, with inadequate harshness or without care and interest.


We can provide complex accounting services if the client wishes including tax counseling.

We can prepare all necessary accounting and tax forms and deliver them to appropriate authorities.

Authority personnel often misuse the client´s unfamiliarity and act adversely towards the subjects or without interest. Clients are often back taxed against the law with amounts which usually mean liquidation for the tax payer. If the finance office back taxed you with an amount you do not agree with contact us, we will gladly help you.

Additional Services

In cooperation with our partners, we offer services connected with operation of your company. These predominantly include:

  • Law firm services and legal consultancy
  • Tax advisory and bookkeeping
  • Translation and interpreting
  • IT and web presentation
  • Marketing and advertising


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Commercial Register

Are you thinking about the name for your company? Check, whether it has already been registered in the Commercial Register.

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