Providing a domicile

Providing Company’s Registered Office

A popular service required by clients who purchase a ready-made company or the establishment of a tailor-made company, is provision of the company’s registered office. The entity’s seat must be, pursuant to Section 19(c) of the Civil Code, defined upon establishment of the entity and is a requisite of its existence in the Commercial Register. According to the Civil Code amendment from 2009, an office, which is actually not the registered office of the company, can be recorded in the Commercial Register.

As part of the transfer of a ready-made company or assistance in establishing a tailor-made company, we offer our clients offices with the following addresses:

  • Údolní 33, 602 00 Brno,
  • Ježkova 10, 130 00 Prague 3.

Provision of a company office can be ordered for a minimum of six months. The payment for the service must be made in advance, upon signing the contract to provide an office. The service can always be extended for a period of six months.

The prices for providing the registered office can be found in our pricelist.


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Commercial Register

Are you thinking about the name for your company? Check, whether it has already been registered in the Commercial Register.

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