Types of companies

there are two types of business companies in the Czech Republic:

  • Limited liability company (ltd.)
  • Joint-stock company (corp.)



  • the corporate body is one or more agents
  • the minimal guarantee capital is 200.000 CZK
  • the company warrants up to the level of the guarantee capital
  • managing the company is easier than with a joint-stock company
  • the company does not issue stocks
  • the company does not have an advisory board

more information in: Commercial Code



  • the corporate body is the board of the company consisting of the director of the board and members of the board (min. 2 persons). In joint-stock companies with only one shareholder it is possible to lower the number of board members to one person.
  • the company has an advisory board (min. 3 persons). The advisory board sees to the companies actions being carried out dutifully and in consistence with the law, with the regulations and instructions of the advisory board.
  • the minimal guarantee capital is 2.000.000 CZK or 20.000.000 CZK (if the company is founded by a public stock option).
  • the company follows the general company regulations
  • the company issues stocks (to its name or to its owner)

more information in: Commercial Code



In present time there are two ways of acquiring a company in the Czech Republic. One way is to found a new company. The other way is to buy an already founded company, which has not been active in any business, does not have any liabilities and has a fully paid guarantee capital. We can help you gain either one of these companies.



A modern legal form of enterprise is a European company (Societas Europaea). Click here for more information.


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Commercial Register

Are you thinking about the name for your company? Check, whether it has already been registered in the Commercial Register.

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